Best Restaurants in the world


Pireas, Greece

Varoulko’s reputation as one of the best seafood restaurants in Greece stems from the creativity of chef-owner Lefteris Lazarou, who changes his menu regularly based on handpicked ingredients from local markets. Depending on the day, the menu might include smoked eel with basil pesto, followed by red snapper with black truffle and aubergine mousse. Also inspired by the sea, the dining room is designed with warm oak accents, blue painted glass, and dark blue curtains framing tall windows. During warmer months, however, the rooftop terrace is often in higher demand thanks to expansive nighttime views of the illuminated Acropolis.


Larrabetzu, Spain

Given a 3-start Michelin rating and situated in Larrabetzu, Spain, Azurmendi is the brainchild of brilliant Basque chef Eneko Atxa. Visitors are presented with a unique experience that starts upon the restaurant’s rooftop vegetable garden, and are then brought through the kitchen to an indoor greenhouse. Unique snacks like “edible cotton” are then served as appetizers. In the dining room, you will get to enjoy superb dishes such as truffled egg – cooked “inside out” with a portion of the yolk removed and replaced with Spanish Truffle Consommé. Beyond its 3-star food rating, Azurmendi is also completely environmentally friendly, recycling its waste, collecting rain water and using geothermal energy to cool down the entire restaurant.


New York City

The menu of this Michelin rated Manhattan restaurant is noticeably American, as created by the creative Daniel Humm. Most renowned for its multi-course tasting menu, it changes the menu based on the availability of fresh, seasonal local ingredients and guided by agricultural offerings of the region. Dining at Eleven Madison Park is an event, and enjoying the full 11-course tasting menu will take as long as three hours. Indulge in exquisite dishes such as Muscovy duck glazed with lavender honey and foie gras terrine served with plums, umeboshi and bitter almonds… Yummee!


New York City

Found on the fourth floor of the Time Warner Building in Midtown Manhattan’s Columbus Circle, Per Se features the cooking of chef Thomas Keller. It is no surprise that he is the only American chef to be awarded three simultaneous Michelin stars. With a special tasting menu available daily, no single ingredient is repeated during the meal. The Michelin Guide itself describes Per Se’s cuisine as being “at one timeless and of the moment, raising the bar with meals that express artistry, seasonality and sourcing that can seem hyperbolic – they know which Vermont cow gave the milk for your butter.” A must for any New York dining outing.


Modena, Italy

This Michelin rated restaurant founded on the creations chef Massimo Bottura in Modena celebrates the bounty of Emilia-Romagna, his home province in the northern part of Italy. Bottura’s approach on Italian cuisine is hardly traditional, experimenting with the ingredients of the region. Along with classic Italian dishes like tagliatelle and risotto, this restaurant also presents unusual dishes like rabbit macaroons. Not to mention its trademark Parmigiano Reggiano, in which the iconic cheese is served in five different textures.



One of many restaurants blessed with the celebrated chef Joel Robuchon, this culinary restaurant in Macao is situated on top of the Grand Lisboa hotel. Featuring the culinary conceptions of executive chef Julien Tongurian, Robuchon au Dôme has been defined by some as Macao’s best restaurant, and one of the best in Asia itself. Offering French cuisine with a superior receptivity, the restaurant’s ‘Prestige Menu’ features options like imperial caviar and king crab revitalized with crustacean jelly, or a crispy waffle scampi seasoned with espelette pepper.



Experience the best of Michelin starred feasting in London, with beautiful dishes accentuating modern French inspired fare, delivered with faultless service in stunning surroundings. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, gained the ultimate accolade of three Michelin stars in 2001 and has retained them ever since. At Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, the Inspiration Table gives you the once in-a-lifetime opportunity to dine right at the forefront of the chefs at work. A true mark of excellence, quality and consistency to the main chef, Ramsay himself. Then, named after one of the world’s finest wines, Ramsay’s second Michelin starred restaurant, Petrus, is also a fabulous choice for lunch or dinner while enjoying the exceptional wine list. And hey, if you’re looking for a more intimate experience, opt to dine at the Kitchen Table with a tailored seven-course tasting menu while overlooking the pass in the heart of Pétrus.


New York City

Regarded as one of New York’s best, Le Bernardin was founded in Paris in 1972 and initially only served fish. When the restaurant later moved to New York, it quickly became the cherry on top of the NYC culinary scene. When founder and chef Gilbert Le Coze passed away in 1994, his follower and friend Eric Ripert took over the throne, and continues to be guided by the philosophy that “the fish is the star of the plate” unto this day.


Crissier, Switzerland

Found in Crissier, Switzerland, the Michelin Guide has only good regards for chef Franck Giovannini, who is famous for his majestic dishes created with a careful eye on beholding traditions mingled with excellent service. The food here is exquisite, with a strong focus on the harmony of flavors and the simplicity of using complex ingredients to achieve an ideal taste. Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville’s menu changes constantly, with more recent options such as white asparagus seasoned with caviar, and medallions of prawns aided with guacamole.

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