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Isla Membership

The beauty of holiday membership with Isla is that you can choose where you want it to be. Either you will choose to land in our flagman Beach House Corinthia by Brown or will discover endless opportunities for a holiday, as Isla is a member of large vacation exchange program, you will get the perfect location for your dream retreat. Join the Isla membership, customize your vacations, and explore the exceptional benefits.

Quality time

It’s not what you have in life that matters, but who you have in life. Isla offers you everything for the quality reunion with your family. At least one week a year you have nothing to worry about, just come and enjoy. Increase the quantity and quality of family time and fulfill your holiday dreams.

Peace of mind

Isla allows you to own your vacation, no matter what the financial situation will be for another 5 or 20 years. Your vacation is guaranteed every year and at the highest level.

Cost effective

As the member of the Isla use rights, you will find that the cost of holiday membership quickly pays for itself. The return of investments takes 4-5 years and from that moment you will be charged only the annual maintenance fee which is worth the price of the night or two in a similar resort. The maintenance fee ensures that your accommodation is always perfectly maintained.

International exchange

Isla enables you to be a member of one of the largest vacation exchange companies in the world, containing millions of members. There is a program that allows you to exchange your week in numerous hotels and resorts around the world including Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Australia. One year you celebrate with sea sun, music and Greek food, and a year after - you do a safari in Africa, a ski holiday in Austria or an amazing holiday in Vietnam. Return to the same vacation destination every year or set out for new horizons with every trip.

Flexible rights

You can purchase a fixed week, which means that you own the right to use the unit during the same week each year. As the member of Isla, you can rent out your it in the years you’re unable to stay. Simply rent it in the free market for anyone you want

Suitable for everyone

On the one side, it's a family-friendly vacation. There are activities from morning to night that you can do as a family. From adrenaline-pumping sports such as snorkeling, jet skiing, and rock climbing, to craft sessions for younger children and spa treatments for adults, there’s something to suit all whims and fancies. Don't write off an abundance of Greek nature and interesting localities.
On the other side, Isla equally prides itself on being a retreat for couples. Whether getting married, honeymooning, celebrating an anniversary, or simply spending quality time together, you will get a variety of chances to make romantic memories.

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