Sightseeing in Greece


Allow yourself to relax, revel, explore and soak up the laid-back atmosphere while sightseeing Greece. If you’re up for an easy-going sightseeing journey, then The Greek mainland is an amazing place to explore by car. Cruise your way through historical monuments, archaeological sites and towns to see. Many visitors also choose to rent a car and drive around to see the unexpected side of the country. Pelion is a great region to discover off the beaten track in Greece, where amazing nature and an authentic lifestyle attract visitors. The mainland of Greece is also the area of Meteora, with its impressive monasteries on top of huge limestone rocks. Although Meteora receives visitors all year round, it is a region that has kept its original spirit.

One place you don’t want to miss is the capital of Athens. The Acropolis of Athens is definitely an incredible site to visit. Don’t forget to climb up to the Acropolis of Athens to admire the majestic Temple of Athena Nike. A great idea on how to spend an evening is to watch the magical sunset from the nearby Temple of Poseidon. A trip to the nearby Peloponnese peninsula offers visits to the most important attractions. The Cyclades are the epitome of the Greek islands with their blue and white houses, wonderful sandy beaches, barren landscapes dotted with chapels and relaxed and welcoming locals. Greece’s most glamorous island destination is Mykonos. The island of the Apocalypse, Patmos is a place with intense spiritual charisma. Home to magnificent beaches, inspiring landscapes and traces of glorious civilizations, Crete boasts a beautiful interior, with the Samaria gorge, and a rich culinary culture.

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