Feel the harmony and eternal bliss of the Aegean Sea.



According to an ancient legend, king Aegean of Athens fell from the rocks of Cape Sounion while waiting for his son Theseus to return from his quest to Minoan Crete. His son did not change the color of the sails into white, after returning as a winner from the fight with Minotaurus, but left the black sails which symbolized his death. Sounion is a place of loss and misconceptions… a symbol of maturity, besides its idyllic atmosphere. This is where earth and water become one and the balance between logic and feelings occurs.

The misconception of the father, overwhelmed by his emotions, blurred his judgement and led to his suicide. This is interpreted into mythology through the semantics of the water, as opposed to the rigor of the logic defined by the land. At the place that the ancient king put an end to his life, the Temple of Poseidon was built, dedicated to the God of the Sea who wields his trident, a symbol of balance between the elements of water and earth, extended to reality as sea and land, alternating human emotions and logic…

There, between sentiment and logic, impulse and stability , the place is defined where all the above combine as an internal point of connection and alternation of these elements, as an eternal place of balance, as an eternal balcony overlooking the blue of Aegean Sea.

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